Michelle Bachmanns campagne in gevaar?

If I were to write a script involving Mrs. Bachmann winning the Republican nomination, it would probably require Mr. Perry’s campaign to be already in a somewhat weakened state prior to Iowa because of a gaffe or some other key misstep. Then, perhaps, a disappointing performance in Iowa could be more of a death blow to him, with Mrs. Bachmann getting her head-to-head match-up against Mr. Romney — a very challenging but not impossible task.

— Nate Silver, Five Thirty Eight (NYT) over de kans van Michelle Bachmann de nominatie te winnen


Over Sebastiaan van der Lubben

Journalist Maters & Hermsen, docent Internetjournalistiek Universiteit Leiden, politicoloog en blogger

One thought on “Michelle Bachmanns campagne in gevaar?

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