Perry’s campagne: ik heb niks met Cains vrouwen te maken

I didn’t know anything about this, so it’s hard to leak something you don’t know anything about. I didn’t know anything about this, I didn’t leak it. They’re grasping at straws. They figured it’s a good diversionary strategy to take him out of the limelight to say someone else did it. I’m disappointed he tried to use me as a pawn to try to get out of this mess he’s in, but I’m not going to use that to discolor everything I know about the guy.

Curt Anderson, campagnestrateeg van Rick Perry, ontkent dat zij campagne achter de beschuldiging zit dat Cain drie vrouwen onheus zou hebben benaderd


Over Sebastiaan van der Lubben

Journalist Maters & Hermsen, docent Internetjournalistiek Universiteit Leiden, politicoloog en blogger

One thought on “Perry’s campagne: ik heb niks met Cains vrouwen te maken

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