Perry’s non-verbale dronkenschap

Moderation in body language and tone appears to be an alien concept to the energetic Perry. When he grins, his goofy expression ripples into a sea of crinkles across his weathered face. When he gives a speech, he paces around the room, his eyes roving to find the one person to make eye contact with. Throughout the Q&A, he hops on and off the stool, and he uses the arm not chained to the microphone to gesture forcefully. From his manner, it would be easy to assume that Perry is leading a religious revival; you’d just need to swap a few words — “conversions” for “jobs,” say, and “sins” for “regulations.”

Katrina Trinko (National Review Online) is op pad met Rick Perry en concludeert dat de gouverneur van Texas in Iowa niets (meer) te zoeken heeft


Over Sebastiaan van der Lubben

Journalist Maters & Hermsen, docent Internetjournalistiek Universiteit Leiden, politicoloog en blogger

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